TGE technology represents the next-generation of renewable groundwater resource development. Through our internal research and development efforts, Power 7 has integrated prior art, proven techniques, and emerging technologies into an innovative and disruptive technology that redefines how groundwater resources are calculated, located, and developed.

The Power 7 Team members have combined more than 40-years of field work and commercially successful project work experience, to develop and refine our TGE technology. This paradigm-shifting technology highlights the presence and availability of previously undiscovered groundwater resources, flowing through integrated fracture networks. These “fast path” fracture networks have the potential of providing vast quantities of renewable groundwater resources in locations struggling to meet their current and future water demand. In addition, TGE enables the proactive management of developed groundwater resources via ECHO, our proprietary method of assessing regional groundwater recharge.

Power 7 provides innovative solutions to groundwater resource management through the application of three core skills:

  • Watershed management consulting
  • Groundwater identification and mapping
  • Renewable groundwater well development and project management

The Power of TGE Renewable Groundwater Well Development Services

  • Multi-phase exploration and development process culminates with production well installation
  • Validation of water resource differentiation
  • Training and education of customers on sustainable yield projections and proper resource management

Customer Benefits:A value investment in renewable groundwater resources

  • Manage current, emerging and future water supply issues through resource independence
    • Relatively short time-to-market
    • Predictable water volumes
    • Enhanced resource security
    • Pricing stability and risk reduction
  • Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable groundwater resource solutions.
    • Minimal environmental impact
    • Low carbon footprint
    • No waste product from water production
    • Low operating and maintenance costs
    • Significant cost recovery potential through predictable yields over the life-cycle of the well
  • Plan for the future with confidence through access to predictable well volumes and consistent water quality

Business Model: Power 7 provides business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) services that generate revenue through consulting and services fees, as well as recurring monthly revenue through long term water purchase agreements / contracts.