The Solution

Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE): TGE technology represents the next generation of renewable groundwater development. Through our internal research and development efforts, Power 7 has integrated prior art, proven techniques, and emerging technologies into an innovative and disruptive technology that redefines how groundwater resources are calculated, located, and developed.

Issue. Scarcity of water resources and water security issues are increasing the stresses on available water resources.

Solution. Combining modern technologies used in related applications with proprietary algorithms and processes, Power 7 is able to precisely locate and access previously undiscovered and untapped water resources. Renewed through the natural water cycle, properly managed wells enable customers to enjoy enduring, resilient, and reliable access to predictable volumes of water.

Background. Renewable groundwater resources are found in deep bedrock fractures, created by the movement of tectonic plates. The existence of these fractures is widely known to the geoscience community. However, the importance of these fractures and fracture networks is just coming into focus. Power 7 applies its TGE technology and process to precisely locate, access, and develop these much-needed resources.

Fracture networks have the capacity to transmit enormous volumes of groundwater. These relatively deep fractures transmit water over long distances and over large geographic areas. Importantly, these interconnected fractures (called “fast paths”) contain distinctly unique groundwater resources that are renewed through the natural water cycle (rain / snow / precipitation events).

Because renewable groundwater fracture systems are not considered in traditional water balance calculations, current water models significantly underestimate the volume of available fresh groundwater.

Benefits from developing renewable groundwater resources:  

  • Wells developed closer to the end user
  • Water remains underground until needed
  • Predictable and sustainable yields
  • Environmental impacts are minimal
  • No waste product
  • Distribution of risk to capital and operations

Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE). Renewable groundwater resource exploration and development processes have advanced in lock step with technological advances in big data collection and processing, satellite imagery, multi-spectral analysis, and precision drilling. As a result, previously used methods have been refined and perfected by the work of Power 7 Co-Founder, Dr. Robert Walter and the active research and development efforts of the Power 7 Science Team. Using a proprietary scientific process, leveraging the cross-functional expertise of multiple disciplines, Dr. Walter and the Power 7 Team has significantly improved upon published exploration models and developed the Transformational Groundwater Exploration (TGE) process.

TGE development projects are executed precision and accuracy, minimizing environmental impacts, maximizing success rates, and integrating cutting edge technologies with innovative algorithms developed by the Power 7 Team. Detailed exploration processes provide increasingly precise information to enable high confidence development planning operations.

Summary. Power 7 TGE groundwater wells provide an economical, enduring, and environmentally friendly solutions to water supply issues in water-poor and water-starved markets. The relatively low capital and operational expenses and expeditious time-to-market, combined with environmentally friendly and sustainable production practices, enables fiscally constrained customers to rapidly recover project costs.

Additional information on Power 7 Corporation can be obtained by contacting Kevin Mulligan, Power 7 CEO, at

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