Getting “Left of the Bang”

Getting Left of the Bang

Water-related issues increase the vulnerability of water-poor and water-starved societies and have been causal factors leading to crisis, unrest, instability, and violence. Predicting where the next conflict will occur, and pursuing proactive solutions that are well “left of the bang,” requires a detailed understanding of the leading indicators of conflict; supported by high-fidelity, timely, tailored, data-driven insight and analysis. The universal need for water, an enduring basic human need, is a constant that is correlated to socioeconomic, political, religious, and geographic boundary variables associated with conflict. Therefore, water-related variables serve as the vanguard to conflict and water-related data must be proactively collected, assessed, and analyzed to understand the scope, scale, and severity of a potential crisis.

“Getting ‘Left of the Bang'” provides an overview of the global water crisis, technology’s role in addressing it, and two case studies that highlight the role water plays in maintaining or disrupting global stability.


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